Research students

Prospective PhD students

Feel free to contact me directly if you are interested in doing a PhD with me as your supervisor (please include a CV, a brief research statement, and an outline of the reasons you want to do a PhD with me).

Information about doing a PhD in the Department of Statistics at University of Warwick, the application process and funding opportunities can be found here. You may also consider applying for a Doctoral Studentship under my supervision at the Alan Turing Institute. Calls for applications and application details usually appear here.

Below is a list of my current and former PhD students, including students from other institutions who spend a significant part of their PhD working with me.

Current PhD students

Ms Asma Saleh 2015 -
Mr Alkeos Tsokos 2015 -
Mr Santhosh Narayanan 2016 - (jointly with Petros Dellaportas)
Mr Zhongzhen Wang 2016 - (jointly with Petros Dellaportas)
Ms Zhenzheng Hu 2017 - (jointly with Ioanna Manolopoulou)

Completed PhD students

Dr Sophia Kyriakou 2014 - 2018
Dr Stylianos Kampakis 2012 - 2016
Dr Emmanouil Karimalis 2013 - 2014 (visiting PhD student)
Dr Claudia Di Caterina 2015 - 2016 (visiting PhD student)

Research associates

Current Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Dr Gavin Whitaker 2017 - (with Dr Ricardo Silva; 2nd advisor)
Dr Thomas Bartlett 2016 - (jointly with Dr Ricardo Silva; host advisory team)

Past Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Dr Hannah Frick 2015 - 2017

More information on supervision of PostDocs, PhD students, and BSc/MSc project students can be found in my CV pdf.