The first version of our trackeRapp R package is out!

trackeRapp provides the first fully interactive data analysis workflow for your runs, rides and swims! It is completely open source and written in R. Its backend is based on the trackeR R package and the frontend has been developed using the shiny R package.

To launch the trackeRapp interface locally, launch R and then


Then, hit “Load” and “Upload sample data set” to see what {trackeRapp} can do!

trackeRapp is the fruit of joint work with Robin Hornak (former research project student I had the pleasure supervising at UCL and current collaborator), and has been supported by the University of Warwick and The Alan Turing Institute.

Developing trackeRapp has also driven much of the very exciting recent developments in the trackeR R package, reminding me that the best way to design infrastructure software (like trackeR) is to think carefully what an interface using that infrastructure looks like and how it works!

Issues, wishes and requests are most welcome at trackeRapp’s issues page in GitHub! See also the trackeRapp documentation and the trackeRapp GitHub page for more details.