Prospective PhD students and PostDoc researchers

Application process

I am actively looking for PhD students and PostDocs to join my group. Feel free to contact me directly if you are interested in doing a PhD with me as your supervisor or if you are interested in doing post-doctoral work with me. Please include a CV, a brief research statement, and an outline of the reasons you want to work with me.

Information about doing a PhD in the Department of Statistics at University of Warwick, the application process and funding opportunities can be found at the Department of Statistics webpages. You may also consider applying for a Doctoral Studentship under my supervision at the Alan Turing Institute. Calls for applications and application details usually appear here but I will also be posting them above.

Apart from posts that I may be advertising occasionally, there is typically a range of funding opportunities that can be explored for post-doctoral appointments, both ad-hoc and by submitting proposals to research councils. If you are interested in the latter, the earlier that you contact me before your intended start date the better.

Topics of interest

I am currently especially keen in working with PhD students and PostDocs on aspects of the following topics:

  • Asymptotic methods for improved inference in modern modelling scenarios
    (e.g. high-dimensional models, functional regression, etc.)
  • Dynamic and scalable estimation and inference in regression modelling
  • Missingness in regression settings and misclassification
  • Data-analytic pipelines and statistical software
  • Statistical applications
    (of the kind that require non-trivial modelling and can drive developments in methodology)

The above list is in no way exhaustive and I am happy to discuss any suggestions and ideas you may have. Check out also my research and software pages for broad areas that I am currently interested in and my recent research outputs. Take a look also below at what the current PhD students in my group are working on.

Current PhD students

Below is a list of current PhD students working in my group and short descriptions of what they are working on.

Zhenzheng Hu 2017- jointly with Ioanna Manolopoulou
Petya Kindalova 2016- jointly with Thomas Nichols
Santhosh Narayanan 2016- jointly with Petros Dellaportas
Zhongzhen Wang 2016- jointly with Petros Dellaportas
Alkeos Tsokos 2015-
Asma Saleh 2015-

Zhengzheng Hu is researching methods for the statistical modelling of binary data that can formally account for and model potential misclassification.

Petya Kindalova is developing statistical methodology for the modelling of brain lesions from MRI data. A particular aim of her work is to develop methods that not only possess statistical optimality guarantees but are also scalable in terms of computing and memory requirements.

Santhosh Narayanan is focusing on a new framework for modelling with stochastic processes and the associated procedures to infer the dynamics of event sequences and predict both the time and the type of the next event. He is looking at applications in team sports and cyber-security.

Zhongzhen Wang is researching ways of inferring significant lags for categorical time series data and forecasting using Bayesian non-parametric methodology with flexible statistical models.

Asma Saleh is investigating the effects that estimation bias and its correction have on inference from statistical models that are used in everyday statistical practice. She is primarily focusing on settings where the most realistic assumptions on information growth about the model parameters are beyond the ones typically encountered in textbooks.

Alkeos Tsokos is researching inference and prediction methods when smooth components are used for more realistic modelling (e.g. generalised additive models, functional regression and structural equations models). He is primarily looking at applications in cycling.

Completed PhD students

Below is a list of completed PhD students, including students from other institutions who spend a significant part of their PhD working with me.

Claudia Di Caterina 2014-2015 visiting PhD student | jointly with Nicola Sartori
Sophia Kyriakou 2014-2018
Emmanouil Karimalis 2013-2014 visiting PhD student | jointly with Gareth W Peters
Stylianos Kampakis 2012-2016

Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Below is a list of post-doctoral research associates who are or have been working with me.

Thomas Bartlett 2016 - with Ricardo Silva | host advisory team
Gavin Whitaker 2016 - 2018 with Ricardo Silva | 2nd advisor
Hannah Frick 2015 - 2017

More information on supervision of post-doctoral research associates, PhD students, and BSc/MSc project students can be found in my CV.