Statistical Modelling



University of Warwick


April 19, 2024


In order to get the most out of the APTS module on Statistical Modelling, students should have, at the start of the module, a sound knowledge of the principles of statistical inference and the theory of linear and generalised linear models. Students should also have some experience of statistical modelling in R.

The following reading and activities are recommended to all students to (re)-familiarise themselves with those topics.

Statistical inference: It is recommended that students (re)-read the notes of the APTS module on Statistical Inference, available from the APTS website, and complete the assessment exercise (if they have not already done so). No further material is provided here.

Linear and generalised linear models: A student who has covered Davison (2003, Chapter 8 and 10.1-10.4) will be more than adequately prepared for the APTS module. For students without access to this book, the main theory is repeated in the Preliminary Material. The inference methodology described there is largely based on classical statistical theory. Although prior experience of Bayesian statistical modelling would be helpful, it will not be assumed.

Preliminary material exercises: Nine exercises are included in the Preliminary Material.

R practicals: Some practical exercises are also provided at the end of the preliminary material (see here) to enable students to familiarise themselves with statistical modelling in R.

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This set of notes is an edited and enriched version of original material developed by previous module leaders of the APTS Statistical Modelling module. These are (in reverse chronological order)

Name Affiliation
Helen Ogden University of Southampton
Antony Overstall University of Southampton
Dave Woods University of Southampton
Jon Forster University of Warwick
Anthony Davison EPFL